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Vintage Motorcycle Carburetor & Brakes Rebuild Services
Specializing in Vintage Japanese Motorcycles 1970’s - 1990’s
Motorcycle Component Send In Repair, Rebuild & Restoration Services
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Carburetor Overhaul & Rebuild Service (off bike) when shipping us your carbs. Completed rebuilt carbs are returned fully assembled & ready for installation
Our service includes a complete disassembly, inspection, and deep cleaning of Carburetor and components. We remove and replace as needed all Jets, Float Valves, Sealing Washers, O-Rings, etc. Polish Slides and reassemble with K&L Carb Rebuild Kits. Jetting adjustments are available upon request. Carbs will look & work like new, be preset & ready to install upon return to you.
We can restore most vintage Japanese motorcycle carbs!
Why we do it: Proper operation of your carbs depends on clean passageways & proper settings. Spray Cleaners alone won’t clean properly; we immerse & soak the carbs using a unique cleaner that will not damage the rubber, plastic & other parts that cannot be removed from the carbs. Multi Cylinder Carbs are fully dissembled from the rack as needed. Fuel mixture screws, throttle plate synchronization & idle will be preset for easy start up upon installation. We will make adjustments as possible to compensate for modern gasoline blend to improve your throttle response, we can also re-jet as requested for your motorcycle setup with aftermarket exhaust, air cleaners, etc. Please note your specific needs on the service request form.

Brake Caliper & Master Cylinder service (off bike) When you ship us your Components
Service includes complete disassembly, inspection, and cleaning of components and internals. We replace Piston Seals, O-Rings always and Pistons as needed. If reusing original pistons we polish them, hone bores and reassemble with upgraded HH series brake pads. The calipers are fully assembled & ready for installation back onto your motorcycle with new brake light switches if needed.
Why we do it: Proper operation of your brakes depends on clean components, fresh seals, fresh fluid, quality brake pads & brake lines. Your safety depends upon your brakes!
Custom Steel Brake Lines also available!

Brake Lines
Custom Built Steel Braided
What we do: Match length & end fittings to your stock lines using steel braided lines we custom manufacture that arrive to you ready for installation back onto your motorcycle. Custom lengths, end fittings, banjo bolts are available upon request. New lines are supplied with new Crush Washers.
Why we do it: Proper operation of your brakes depends on strong fluid delivery without hose swelling resulting in spongy brakes. Stock rubber lines are only good for a few years before they get week, expand under pressure, crack, etc. Installing Braided Steel lines improves brake feel with firmer lever, improved stopping power and trick look. Every hose is custom made for your application. Prices vary based on length, fittings, etc. Contact us for a quote, most 3 line kits are $100, most 5 line kits $125-150.

Labor - Description of Services Labor Code Labor Cost $
Fork Service (forks only, off bike per Set) LFSRB-01 $150.00
Hard Anodize Fork Sliders (pair, plus fork disassembly) LFAFS-01 $275.00
Shock Service, single/mono shock (Shock only, off bike) LSSRB-01 $125.00
Shock Service, dual/twin shocks (Shocks only, off bike) LSSRB-02 $150.00
Hard Anodize Shock Body & Reservoir (plus shock disassembly) LSASB-01 $200.00
Single Cylinder Carburetor O-Haul/Re-Build (off bike) LCSRB-01 $75.00
Twin Cylinder Carburetor O-Haul/Re-Build (off bike) LCSRB-02 $125.00
Three Cylinder Carburetor O-Haul/Re-Build (off bike) LCSRB-03 $150.00
Four Cylinder Carburetor O-Haul/Re-Build (off bike) LCSRB-04 $175.00
Brake Caliper Rebuild (off bike) per Caliper LBCRB-01 $50.00
Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild (off bike) per Master Cylinder LBMRB-01 $50.00
Custom Build Steel Braided Brake Lines, each (plus hose & fittings) LCSBL-01 $25.00
* Prices are for Labor cost & do NOT include parts! * * Prices do NOT include Shipping!*
Matthew Wiley has 30+ years’ experience as s Certified Motorcycle Mechanic
All Service Work is Guaranteed.
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Coyote Family LLC
650 N. Penrod Road #725
Show Low, AZ 85901
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